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I created The Diabetic Health Journal because I know how challenging it is to make diabetes a priority without proper holistic support. We put our health and happiness in our doctor’s hands, when really we could be using mindfulness and reflection to discover wellness throughout our mind, body, and soul.

At Risely, we are fully aware of the healthcare challenges that exist for many people living with diabetes and the healthcare disparities that impact access to insulin, education, technology, and proper medical care. We are currently focusing as an organization on supporting education and technology access for people living in marginalized groups and communities.




At the root, health coaching helps individuals get “unstuck” by helping them develop the tools and strategies to become aware of their blocks and patterns so that they can move forward towards the vision they have for themselves. Risely’s coaching methodology is rooted in behavior change, published research, and our own internal client data collection. 


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As Seen on the TODAY show

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The Diabetic Health Journal is a proven tool to help you  approach your diabetes in a more mindful and reflective way. With daily blood sugar and nutrition logs, gratitude jotting, and a space to log patterns and other daily habits, you’ll start to see improvements you’re finally proud of.  DHJ users have lowered A1C on average by 1%, have more clarity on what best serves their blood sugars, and 
overall contributes to feelings of less overwhelm and more happiness from day today.

At diagnosis, we're not really told that managing T1D is going to be a full time job, and we aren't really given all of the tools and resources we need to thrive. That's why I started Risely Health, to bridge the gap between solely relying on our endos, and feeling completely alone in our management. I wanted to give others living with T1D a new outlook on their diagnosis and tools they can keep in their tool kit.

- LB