My T1D meals + a huge meal service company discount! -

My T1D meals + a huge meal service company discount!

Thank you to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post:)


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I have to confess something which is- I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to cooking. Right now Kris and I have about 4-5 meals on rotation that are pretty much our go to’s. When we do try and switch it up, it somehow turns into ordering in or eating out because we’re just too tired after long days to use our brains anymore. Lol…can you relate?

If you’re a T1D reading this, you know how much easier it is to just eat the same things that you know work for your blood sugar. But at the same time, you also know how much VALUE there is in feeling confident to go outside your comfort zone with food ESPECIALLY when you know the exact carb/fat content.

I recently thought I’d give a meal prep service a whirl, as long as it was quick and easy, had good taste, and had nutrition counts.

To be honest, time is something I really value in life– it’s the one thing we can’t get back- and to not have to think about grocery shopping and meal planning is such a plus and something I’m always down to outsource.

Less time to worry about food= more time and energy for other things I value more like work, reading, decompressing, ect.

Enter: Blue Apron. They are such a reputable service so when they asked to collab, I said yes!

[Their team is so nice too and said that for the first 50 people to sign up with them today after reading this, they’ll get $60 off their first 3 weeks! Meals usually work out to around $8 per plate so Click here. ]

*Valid for first-time meal plan subscribers only/ Cannot be combined with any other offer*


So yeah… HUGE! YOU literally can cancel at any time but I would def use their 3 weeks of meals because it’s SO CHEAP and at such high quality too ( I was really surprised the fish was responsibly sourced).

I promise…I tried it myself and I’m a fan and we’re friends so I wouldn’t steer ya wrong!

So let’s talk about my experience using Blue Apron, sound good?


1) First I went on their website and there were 11 different recipes to choose from for the week. I choose 2 meals that were mediterranean and pescetarian friendly

2) After ordering, the food with the EXACT proportions of everything I needed arrived at my door a few days later in a refrigerated box (I also didn’t get the box until 24 hours after it was delivered and it was still cold so they really insulate the boxes really well)

3) Each recipe was large enough for two people but you can also choose a quantity for 4 people if you have a larger family (the first one I split for lunch with my operations manager Amanda when we were working from home yesterday and the second one I split with Kris for dinner)

4) Both dishes came with recipe cards that had step-by-step photos of what the cooking process should look like (yes please hold my hand), so I didn’t feel like I was lost or doing it on my own. It was so simple.


The two dishes I chose were the Sweet Chili Saffron Cod, which took 30 minutes to make, and the Coconut Curry Lentils and Kale, which took about 45 minutes to make.

Both were SO flavorful and made vegetables that can often taste bland if not seasoned correctly taste really good.


The meals came with nutrition fact cards, which I found helpful because it took out any math that sometimes is a learning curve when you’re trying a new meal.

Both dishes had rice in them and I would say that a 20-minute pre-bolus, only eating half the rice portion, and starting with a blood sugar below 120 was helpful as to not spike so much. If your insulin sensitivity is not high, I would recommend omitting the rice and just going heavy on the veggie portions of the meal! 


Overall I’d rate the experience a 9/10. The only thing keeping it from 10 stars was that one of the sauces had a decent amount of sugar in it, but it ended up being fine because I only used a bit of it and I put the rest on the other dish for Amanda.

I really liked that they had a variety of meals to choose from that fit inside my nutrition guidelines, the step-by-step instructions with nutrition cards, and the fact that it essentially is a recipe guide + grocery shopping service all in one.

I’m a fan and would def recommend you to try it out! If you do, I’d love to hear how you like it so be sure to shoot me a DM on IG or drop it in the comments below!

xo, LB

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