A 8-week group coaching program for families of T1D children

The T1D Family Coaching Program

This group coaching program was created for parents like you to reduce the day to day blood sugar roller coasters, worry less, and stop diabetes from getting in your child's way.

Since your child’s diagnosis, you’ve been doing a lot.

Counting carbs, reading online articles and forums for advice, relying on your endo for insulin adjustments and technology support, and - most of all - managing all of the emotions that come with being a parent while caring for a child with diabetes. 

Perhaps you have an endo you LOVE, or maybe you’re still searching for that perfect partnership. Either way, you want more real life experience and real time guidance to navigate the ups and downs of T1D. You need more than just a check-in every 3 months to get an A1C test and go over a few days of CGM graphs. 

If you are constantly bouncing between blood sugar control and letting your kid just be a kid, you are not alone. 

And maybe you’re juggling even more than that. You’re a caregiver to more than one child. You’re a partner. You’re working. What you really need is someone who understands the complexities of diabetes.

For many of our past family clients, it’s an overwhelming combination of everything. Which is why it feels like you're constantly carrying the burden without enough support.

Your child deserves the best. We will help you uncover exactly how you can give it to them. 

Health coach redefining diabetes

And we are ready to teach you everything we know.

And on top of that? We’ve worked with individual clients who have had T1D for 15, 25, even 35 years. Our methods will help you learn the ropes now to make diabetes less overwhelming and so you can pass the knowledge and empowerment onto your child for the future.

By applying to our family group coaching program, you are tapping into our personal lived experience + thousands of hours of T1D coaching experience. 

By taking this step, you are making a choice to trust your intuition and move forward with confidence as you take on t1d

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Our coaching team of FOUR has:

and We have coached more than

lived with T1D for a COMBINED 71 YEARS.

300+ INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES with Type 1 Diabetes.

Let's join forces.

You want your child to have a healthy relationship with food, not a stressful one. 

You want to learn how to better optimize your child's insulin and technology.

You crave a deeper understanding (and plan!) for how everything from food, activity, and hormones can impact your child’s blood sugar.

Your child deserves to be more carefree and enjoy all of the things kids should enjoy without sacrificing their health.

You know so much already, but you need a better, proven process to decipher what works for your child’s body, and how to get ahead of the spikes and drops.

Your child needs to feel empowered as they grow and gain independence, to not feel confined by diabetes.

The T1D Family Coaching Program


We created this 8 week group coaching program for you to feel supported, educated, + connected to other parents of T1D kids. It comes with all the education you've been missing, and pieces you don't yet know you need.

This coaching program is for you if:

You and your child are waking up to CGM alarms in the middle of the night 2-3 times a week 

Your family’s schedule is hectic and you need to build in on-the-go strategies for keeping diabetes in line as you go about your day.

You can predict there will be low or high blood sugars each time you drop off your child for gymnastics or baseball practice.

Your family meals, parties, and sleep overs add an extra layer of challenge because it feels like food is always the central focus.

You feel that diabetes is interfering with your family dynamics.

You know something needs to change but it's hard to imagine finding the time to figure it out on your own.

Together, we’ll tackle tough topics such as: 




How to form habits that lead to independence

What to do when things go wrong

Practicing healthy communication



How to think like your endo (or even better!) 

How to talk to your child about their diabetes (with guidance from our psychologist)




How to prevent lows/ highs before, during + after activities.

How to handle challenging foods and post meal highs

Strategies to optimize technology


Navigating changes of routine, such as travel, sleepovers, or camp

You'll find yourself immersed in a supportive community with other like minded families of kids living with T1D.

And you’ll have a team of coaches who also live with diabetes and who are knowledgeable and passionate about getting you and your family on the fast track to becoming a family of diabetes experts! 

Program Details:

8 Weekly Group Coaching calls

Two 1:1 coaching calls 

Access to our educational vault of resources

Weekday slack communication for real-time support

2 Coaches and 1 Guest Coach- Clinical Psychologist + T1D Dr. Elana Dumont

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Meet your Coaches

Lauren: head coach

Lauren Bongiorno is Head Coach and founder of Lauren Bongiorno Coaching whose company was recently featured on the TODAY Show.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes since she was 7 years old, coaching hundreds of clients in her programs and courses since 2015, and speaking across the country now as the Resident Diabetes Coach for Omnipod, she’s been able to see what’s missing in the traditional diabetes management model. And fill that gap.

Lauren’s company's success with client transformations and recognition as a leading coach in the community comes from being an expert in initiating mindset and behavior change, and also in providing the support and accountability outside the endocrinologist office.

Trista: Coach

Trista is a learning specialist and certified health coach on team LBC whose passion for teaching started with a career in the classroom. Overtime Trista realized her true passion was applying her skills to working with and coaching families of children with T1D.

Trista was raised in Vermont and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was just 4 years old. She had an active childhood that evolved into college athletics, traveling abroad, and interning for a women-owned business in Uganda.

Even though Trista grew up with a father who also had T1D, she still struggled with a lot of challenges around blood sugars, self acceptance, and hormones during important years of her childhood and adolescence. 

Having been both a player and a coach; a student and an educator; and a coaching client of Lauren’s in 2017, Trista believes in the power of the coaching dynamic to help families overcome T1D challenges, create sustainable change, and infuse self-confidence and independence along the way.

Elana: Guest coach

Dr. Elana Dumont is a NYS licensed clinical psychologist and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 22 years old. In addition to her private practice, she works as a school psychologist in an NYC private school. 

Dr. Elana specializes in working with children, teens, and adults with mood and anxiety disorders and has a special interest in treating individuals and families with chronic illness.

In this family coaching program, Dr. Elana coaches alongside Lauren and Trista on parenting a child with T1D, dynamics between partners and family members, cognitive behavioral techniques, strategies to navigate food, and parenting self care.

“Before this group coaching program I felt like if I couldn’t control the entire situation, then I couldn’t control Owen’s blood sugars. Example- if we didn’t stick to our schedule, or if I didn’t make the food myself and measure everything out then his numbers would be chaos. I felt limited, stuck, and trapped essentially by his T1D.

After coaching, we have seen drastic improvements in being able to manage his numbers and also the freedom that comes with it. I felt like this program really looked at the whole picture. Teaches parents how EVERYTHING affects blood sugars & not just how much insulin to give for carbs. Also, being able to see patterns & adjust how we handle that has been HUGE.

As a result we now have more spontaneous play dates, we all get more rest because of better overnight numbers, have more food freedom, and I am more overall confident in my ability to manage Owen’d T1D.

If you’re on the fence about this program, all I can say is DO IT!!!!!!!"

Cheryl, mom of owen

"I felt limited, stuck, and trapped by his T1D. Now, we have seen drastic improvements and the freedom that comes with it"

“I enrolled in this program because I was constantly feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, tired and guilty. I couldn't understand why I wasn't ‘getting it’. 

Going through this program gave me so much more confidence to better understand her body, and that is huge. I have been able to get good night’s sleep for several more nights so I am more positive, patient and have more energy to do things with Ava. Her blood sugars have been more steady (T.I.R increased 46% to 57%) so she isn’t as irritable as she used to be.

I valued the connection with other parents in this program and the coaches are very professional and organized providing so much new information that was well planned and laid out. Professionalism is so important, but also being open and vulnerable. It's just a great combination of everything and I recommend it 10/10 to other parents!

The program is an investment, yet I knew I had to do it when my daughter said, "Of course you are going to do it. It's about my health!" This investment is not only for your child's health, but you and your family. You can't put a price on that.”

Andrea, mom of Ava

"I knew I had to do this program when Ava said, 'Of course you are going to do it. It's about my health!'"

“We all say we’d give anything to help our child with T1D. This is hands down the best time and money I’ve spent on supporting our son. And it’s had a positive impact on our whole family.

I joined because I was feeling tense, tightly wound, and irritable. I felt at odds with my husband because neither of us had a lot of confidence in how to manage type 1 diabetes.

Now with 76% time in range, we have expanded the choice of food George eats, have 5 hours of in range numbers during sailing, and we are more willing to try new things with less fear.I felt the entire time that Lauren and Trista had my back. I know that my husband and I have a shared trusted resource with whom we can voice all our concerns and receive direction. It’s no longer all on me.

I feel lighter and it was deeply reassuring to be led by two exceptional women who have lived with T1D for decades. As parents, you often wonder how things will “turn out” for your child with diabetes. These strong, brilliant, caring coaches fill me with the knowledge that our child can and will live an amazing life.”

Erin, mom of George

"This is hands down the best time and money I've spent on supporting our son....'"

“My 3-year old son, Ethan, was diagnosed with T1D at 20 months old. When we started with Lauren, Ethan’s A1C was 8.3, he had just gotten on an insulin pump, and I was at my wit’s end with roller coaster blood sugars that were NEVER in range.

Lauren taught us so much about not only what worked with Ethan’s body, but even more importantly WHY. She helped us plan with food and exercise, and taught us how to use the data from his CGM and pump downloads to adjust ratios and basal rates. This gave me the confidence to make changes without our endo team.

As a coach she also helped me manage my stress and emotions and to release my ownership over Ethan’s blood sugars. Ethan’s last A1C was 6.7, and most importantly, we achieved that A1C with fewer lows and a higher percentage in range than ever before.

We don’t feel deprived or like we are missing out on anything because of diabetes, and we owe all of that to Lauren’s coaching program.”

Lacey, mom of Ethan

"We don’t feel deprived or like we are missing out on anything because of diabetes, and we owe all of that to Lauren’s coaching program."

"Having a young child diagnosed with T1D is devastating, heart breaking and changes the whole family’s life. Lauren and her team have helped us in so many ways to make my son’s diagnosis more manageable.

Their knowledge and availability is truthfully hard to quantify. I’m so grateful. They are able to educate you on T1D in a real in depth way and are knowledgeable on optimizing pumps and CGM devices which can be overwhelming. Most importantly Trista and Lauren are able to support our family emotionally and keep things in perspective for how to teach your child to live a long and healthy life.”

Nipa, mom of Jai

"Their knowledge and availability is truthfully hard to quantify...They are able to educate you on T1D in a real in depth way."

You have so much on your plate as a parent already. Why should you add this to the list?

You’re already spending time on it. You’re spending time on it right now! Let us help you refine the energy you’re putting in and maximize the results you will get in return.

Dedicating MORE time to diabetes may seem counterintuitive.

This coaching program is more than just a class or a workshop. 

It’s about all of the everyday moments when you need support that you can’t get from your doctor.

It’s about comprehensive guidance for managing T1D alongside your child’s lifestyle and your family’s ever-changing routine. 

And it’s a space where you will have YOUR experiences and hard work validated, too.

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