Newly Diagnosed Program

I help you take control of your type 1 diabetes through personalized virtual coaching.

Become Strong + Empowered. Accomplished + Relieved. Unstoppable.

What this program can do for you:

Teach you how to achieve and maintain a healthy A1C

Achieve more stable and predictable blood sugar numbers

Avoid weight gain + lows/highs during exercise

Create habits so decisions that best serve you come easier

Get control of your cravings/ binge eating

Establish a healthy, balanced relationship with food + not fear the carbs

Discover what food + exercise is right for your body

Decrease stress + Increase your energy, moond + libido

Have more time and mental space to focus on other parts of life you are passionate about

Prevent future complications tied to T1D

Learn the tools now to prevent years of frustration + overwhelm

Receive an individualized program to succeed

what this program includes:

+ 6 months of a 1:1 coaching program intensive with Lauren
Support, Guidance and Accountability in between your endocrinologist appointments

+ Access to Lauren in between sessions for questions that come up

+ Health coaching customized to YOU: food, exercise, routines, ect.

+ Deep dive into all the basics + way beyond “treat lows with 15 carbs”

+ Supporting the physical, mental, and emotional blocks of T1D

+ Weekly practical application exercises, tools + guides to help you navigate this diagnosis using a signature holistic, reflective and mindful approach


“ After being diagnosed a year ago, I was able to achieve all the goals that I established including my success in reducing my A1C to 5.9, maintaining a consistent fitness program, and feeling more confident and in control of my life. Lauren excelled at analyzing my numbers and activities– and helped me understand the meaning behind the numbers.”



 “We now understand the effects that different foods and certain ingredients have on our daughter Wesley’s blood sugar levels. Lauren has helped guide us to have more confidence to make adjustments on our own and we love that she is so accessible and such a knowledgeable resource.”



 “My 3-year old son, Ethan, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 20 months old in 2015. Lauren helped us set goals that were achievable yet aggressive, all the while maintaining the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being that helped our entire family feel healthier and happier. Ethan’s last A1C was 6.7 ( down from 8.0), and we achieved that A1C with fewer lows and a higher percentage in range than ever before. We don’t feel deprived or like we are missing out on anything because of diabetes, and we owe all of that to Lauren.”


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