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Client Results


Miriam Brand

I started working with Lauren during my 21st year of living with T1D. I had been stuck in a place where I felt like my diabetes management was “good enough” but not great. I felt like I had mental blocks that were affecting my ability to lower my A1C and to develop healthier habits.

During my first meeting with Lauren as we discussed all the goals I wanted to achieve, she shifted gears and asked me, “what’s your ‘why’? Why do you want a change and why now?” It seems like such a simple question, but it helped me get right to what my inspiration was, and my “why” is what helped guide us in our 6 months working together.

During my time with her I developed a fitness routine (literally went from absolute zero exercise besides walking to doing 3-4 workouts a week), I lowered my A1C to 6.7 (the absolute lowest I’ve ever been in my 21 years of T1D), lost 9 pounds, gained a better understanding of food and the glycemic index, decreased my hypoglycemia anxiety, but most importantly—I gained confidence in myself.

I think the most magical part of the coaching relationship with Lauren is that she doesn’t “fix” or “change” you. Rather, she helps you understand that everything you need to better yourself is already within you. She helped me to realize my potential and to trust myself more. And I am eternally grateful for her for helping me foster that self-love we can often forget as T1Ds!

New York, NY

Octavia G.

I have been living with T1D for 20 years. Before working with Lauren, I almost daily experienced wide blood sugar fluctuations that significantly impacted both my physical and mental well-being. I felt tired all the time and struggled to keep my blood sugar in a reasonable range. I was ashamed of having diabetes and would hide it even from my friends, feeling embarrassed to give myself shots in front of them. Life for me was about prioritizing my work and education, even if that was at the expense of my health. Ultimately, it became very obvious that as much as I tried, I could not have better control over my diabetes without the professional support and direction from someone who also has diabetes.

I was not aware of it, but I lacked a tremendous amount of information about T1D. Lauren's programs and support are highly effective. She provided me with insights and the tools I needed to get my blood sugar under control. Starting out, I was at a 7.8 A1C – something I knew I needed to get down if I wanted to begin thinking about having a family. I also was on a keto diet and did not allow myself to eat foods I very much enjoyed. Lauren helped me to gradually reintroduce carbs into my diet, which to my surprise, has been great for my blood sugar and I have not gained any weight.

My blood sugar is 80% in-range with a one-month average of 132. I have become significantly less insulin resistant and need to give myself fewer shots over the course of the day. My A1C was down to 6.5 now at the end of the 3 months and after 1 month of finishing the program, it is down to a 6.2. I like to have an active life-style, but my blood sugar would fluctuate significantly when I worked out. Now, I am able to maintain a steady blood sugar level while working out and being active. Moreover, starting the 12 week climb program has made me even more insulin sensitive. With the introduction of a few natural supplements, I am also able to sleep better and deeper at night.
Working with Lauren has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. It is clear there is no need to feel alone in your battle to conquer diabetes. Lauren is so kind, non-judgmental, supportive, always available, and a real team mate. I now feel so much better on a daily basis, have a sense of control over my life, broke free from so many restrictive eating patterns, and ultimately, I am performing more effectively and concentrating deeper on my work and PhD than I was before the program. I could not be happier with where I am today, and that is all thanks to Lauren.


Meredith M.

Since being diagnosed in 2014 before college, I struggled with self-discipline when it came to managing my diabetes. I was frustrated, tired, and annoyed. If I’m being honest, I wanted to act as if I wasn’t even diabetic. Overtime I grew close to my endocrinologist, began to learn from him and trust his advice, and finally started to care about my health. In early September of 2018, my doctor passed away and I felt lost. I immediately reached out to Lauren and we began the three-month program shortly after.

In college I lost any structure I had had in my diet or workout plan, I had little self- confidence, and struggled to manage my stress. Instantly I (and my family) knew Lauren would help me piece it all together. My favorite thing about working with Lauren is it wasn’t “just diabetes,” it was every element of my life. I had never considered how my sleep, relationships with others, feelings toward food, or self-acceptance could impact my health, mental clarity, happiness, and productivity.

Originally, I was set up to do the three- month program, but after seeing how much our meetings were helping, I knew I wanted to switch to the six- month program. When I began working with Lauren my A1C was a 9.5. Five months in to the program, I lowered my A1C to a 6.5! I am more confident, patient, and interested in learning more about how my body works. In creating specific, attainable goals I learned what it was like to appreciate and understand my body. The tools Lauren gave me are tools I will use every day moving forward. I mean it when I say I don’t know where I would be without Lauren! 



Before I started the program, I was at my ends rope. I felt like I had tried everything and I felt hopeless. I struggled with depression, anxiety, diabulimia, DKA, blood sugar rollercoasters, and food binges from carb restricting. I needed someone to hold me accountable for my actions, but had been in my shoes, so there was understanding versus judgement—and that’s where Lauren came in. She taught me to want to be better instead of having to because it’s what my doctor told me. She showed me a different perspective to taking control and empowered me to push myself more because she believed in me. 

With Lauren I started with 18% in range and ended up with 70%. I also lowered my A1C from 12.3 to 7.0! One of my biggest takeaways was learning how to detect different patterns and understanding how to intercept the bad behavior. My blood sugars used to average around the 200’s - 400’s, but after the 6-month program, I’m proud to say that my blood sugars are typically always in the 100 range! I started off being afraid of insulin to embracing it, and don’t get me started on how much happier I am!!! For years, I felt like I was in a mental prison, constantly going back and forth with what I should and shouldn’t be doing and beating myself up for it endlessly. Now, I’ve learned to let things go and just try to do better tomorrow cause it’s not the end of the world, just the end of a day. Honestly, I barely binge anymore and I’m just more pleasant to be around. My authentic self is finally crawling out of the cave she’s been hiding in for years. 

If you are thinking about reaching out to Lauren for help, do it. Don’t wait, just do it. I had been following Lauren on instagram for months and always wanted to reach out, but kept stopping myself every time. One day, I just gave in and took the risk and I’m SO GLAD I did!!! I promise you, she can help you change your life the way she changed mine. She taught me things that no endocrinologist, no dietician, no nutritionist, no psychologist or primary doctor was ever able to teach me. My biggest win would have to be my overall happiness and peace of mind. Thank you, Lauren for bringing me back to life. I am forever grateful.

Orlando, Fl

Chandler g.

I came to Lauren in a serious diabetes management rut. I felt trapped in a place where I knew what I was looking to do, but felt I lacked the tools and resources to get their on my own. Being diagnosed later on in life, I have never been confident nor comfortable talking about my diabetes with my friends or co-workers. This led to increased anxiety in all areas of my life. Going into meetings or going out to a lunch with a client, I always felt anxious that my blood sugars would go low, so I would compensate by letting my blood sugars run higher. I got in the habit of applying this tactic alongside eating an extremely low carb diet to avoid having to take more insulin. I noticed that this type of diet was not conducive to my body. I love working out, and restricting my carbohydrates was taking a serious toll on my energy levels and performance in the gym. That being said, my dream for myself was to gain the confidence to speak more freely about my condition to others, and more importantly, eat more carbs to properly fuel my body -- enter Lauren.
In my 3 months of working with Lauren, beyond all of the tangible progress I've made in my blood sugar levels, the most important takeaway I have is the toolkit she's provided me with. Now, I feel more confident than ever going into a situation with curiosity instead of fear. This has allowed me to experiment and not get down on myself when things don't go my way. Now, I don't feel helpless and unsure how to navigate certain situations. Also, most importantly, I have more than doubled my daily carbohydrate intake, which has worked wonders on my energy levels.
Lauren's holistic approach to diabetes management is a tactic I will continue to utilize in my day-to-day life. I cannot begin to verbalize how much she has helped me on my continuous journey with type 1. I am more inspired than ever to continue to refine the areas we have worked on, and I am forever grateful for her helping me find that part of myself I was unsure how to recover on my own.

San Fran, California

Kristan H.

In 3 months Lauren brought breath back into my life. I have been T1D since I was 11, diagnosed as "brittle". I carried that with me through the years. Chasing perfection. The perfect weight, the perfect blood sugar, the perfect mindset. All this did was breakdown my mind and body further. I had gotten to the point that I dreaded the morning. I was angry at my body and jealous of those that appeared to live so effortlessly.

I connected with Lauren and she spoke my language. She stated hurts that I had but had never even recognized. She was a light on the other end of my computer with a heart and understanding for feelings that I couldn't even put into words.

I thought I would work with her to lose weight and gain tighter blood sugar control. Instead, she brought my heart and mind through some pretty ugly, but important stuff. By our last session I shared with her, "I now wake up in the morning and don't want to's the furthest thing from my mind."

One thing she helped with was better sleep, and with better rest, my numbers really started balancing out and I desired more movement.

If you're lost in yourself, confused by your next steps, if you don't know how to connect your mind and body, Lauren knows how to coach you to bring everything back together-mind,body, and soul! Thank you for saving my life Lauren.

Millsboro, DE

Tracy Powell

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for the last 20 years of my life. It's so great to see all of the increasing technology and medical devices to help with the disease but even with all of these tools, I got to a point where I realized that I needed someone to help me with a more personalized coaching experience. I wanted to understand why certain patterns were happening to me and how to have the best blood sugars/ create habits that could provide me with a long, happy, and healthy life.

The universe showed Lauren to me online for a reason and I am SO glad I signed up for her program. Throughout the program she guided and helped me in ways that no one else has ever been able to do. There was a lot of education, but sometimes it was to just listen to the questions I had or to vent about a roller-coaster of a blood sugar day.  Either way, she was there with an open heart, an educated mind, and empathetic clarity because she knows first hand what it is like to live with Diabetes.

With Lauren as my 1:1 coach I lowered my A1C from a 6.6 to a 5.7!! I have never been in the 5's before working with Lauren. She has an energy and vibe that is so contagious and is a ray of sunshine who truly cares about each one of her clients!

Windsor, Colorado

Ashley Bockett 

I thought i was doing everything I could possible do to manage my life with Type 1 Diabetes. It took a long time for me to realize that the consistent high blood sugars and late night binge eating to correct lows didn’t have to be normal. After having to switch endocrinologists 3 times a year and still not making progress, I’m so happy I found Lauren.

Lauren helped me learn more about myself, more than i could have ever imagined and in such a quick period of time. Over the span of 3 months, I have lowered my A1C from 7.5 to 6.5, I have cut my insulin intake down by almost 50% ( used to take around 65 units per day and now i take 36 units per day), I am waking up between 100-110, and I am feeling better in my skin than I have in a long time. Before Lauren I wasn’t testing as much because I was afraid of the number most likely being out of range, but now I get excited to test. I’m no longer binge eating and feel so much more in control because of all that Lauren has taught me.

Before i met Lauren, I was exercising almost 7 times a week but still gaining weight. I have now lost over 10 pounds just by learning and understanding how to properly fuel my body and establishing new exercise routines that are designed specifically for me. Lauren’s positive energy made her easy to confide in and I found her to be just as much as a friend as the best health coach ever.

Richmond, Virginia

Hannah Conzelman 

I have been type 1 diabetic for 18 years. I am 28 so it has been something I have lived with more most of my life. I have always had relatively “good” control in the eyes of doctors, but I knew I could do better. I found it hard to get my a1c under 7.0, where is hovered for many years. Upon starting my journey with Lauren, I found the most helpful tool to be the diabetic health journal, which allowed me to track blood sugar patterns and insulin needs in a way I never had done before. 

I have been low carb for years, and developed a fear of pre-blousing and giving what I consider “ a lot “ of insulin. With the help and knowledge of Lauren, I can successfully pre - bolus with confidence, which has made a HUGE difference in my day to day blood sugar control. 

Lauren really helped me structure my own weekly exercise regime, showing me the benefits of weights and resistance training. This keeps my blood sugars in range for days. 

Lastly, One of my goals was to lower my a1c to 6.5. After the 3 month program, I had my a1c tested and it was 6.3! I will be continuing my journey with Lauren for another 3 months, and I look forward to it.

Melbourne, Australia

Rebecca Ryan

When I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes on November 9, 2009, I never expected that over the next seven years, I’d become so consumed by it; by the numbers, by obsessive thoughts, by anxiety around food and exercise and by dicing with diabulimia.

On the outside, I’ve always kept a smile on my face. I always wanted to people to think that diabetes didn’t bother me and I was stronger than my chronic illness, but on the inside I was quietly crumbling, frustrated with myself and a bit lost.

I’ve worked with endocrinologists, GPs, clinical psychologists, diabetes nurses, nutritionists, and naturopaths. They’ve all prescribed various courses of treatment but offered little support and understanding of the underlying issues that have been preventing me from succeeding.

I went to Lauren with an A1C of 8.5% and after my first consultation with her, I knew this programme was going to be different. She has this energy that is just magnetic, she isn’t judgmental about management in the past – she motivates, educates and inspires.

Wellington, New Zealand

It’s hard to put into words how refreshing it is to talk to someone who has diabetes and understands what you’re going through.

Within the first few weeks of working with Lauren, I was already seeing more steady blood sugar numbers and when I was seeing numbers outside of the optimal range, I was learning more about why that was happening and deconstructing the mindset I had of associating insulin and good diabetes management with weight gain.

In 6 months my A1C was down to a 7.4% and in 6 months, my A1C was down to a 6.4%!
But this program was so much more than just about the numbers. Through fortnightly Skype sessions, and the email support in between, Lauren helped me to understand that there are so many factors connected to diabetes control – exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, career, joy, relationships and the home environment – and she helped me to address a number of underlying issues and bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

She introduced me to new ideas, pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to find balance and control coming from an empowered mindset, rather than a restrictive, fearful one.
Lauren was always positive and excited by my accomplishments, which helped me be more excited and driven. I looked forward to each fortnightly Skype session and went away from them overwhelmed with positivity and determination.
I wrapped up three months with Lauren having exceeded every goal we set and with a clear vision to continue.

I’m feeling less like a victim of diabetes, and more like the victor; in control of my life and more fulfilled, healthy, and happy than I ever have since being diagnosed with diabetes. Lauren – I can’t thank you enough!”

Emily Johnson 

If you are even considering signing up with Lauren, do it, you won’t regret it.
I have had Diabetes for 24 years. It’s all I’ve ever known, which I usually say is the blessing and curse of it. Up until working with Lauren, I definitely was not caring for myself properly. Obviously, as a kid, I just wanted to be normal- same with high school, and college. But as I got older, I realized just how serious the implications of not properly managing my diabetes could be, and I doubled down on my efforts to get it under control. However, I saw little success with these efforts. I tried and tried, and it seemed like my numbers were always all over the place, always unexpected, and things just weren’t getting better. I’ve seen a number of endocrinologists, and none of them have ever been that helpful. Their advice usually starts and ends with a slight changing of basals.
I was tired, frustrated, and fed up. I had an 8.0 A1C and no idea what to do about it. I came home from a doctor’s appointment after getting the A1C news and immediately started googling “how to lower your A1C.” A bunch of articles came up, but one, which featured a young, energetic, athletic young woman discussing her experiences with gaining control of her diabetes, stood out.

Enter: Lauren Bongiorno.

Lancaster, PA

I signed up with Lauren for 6 months, and immediately there were improvements. Not only were the improvements encouraging, but Lauren provided insight, encouragement, and education along the way. I wasn’t just bettering my sugars and tightening my control, I was learning the WHY behind it- why certain foods were better than others in terms of diabetes management, why my sugars were going high at certain times, why past things I’d tried hadn’t worked, etc. I was gaining a holistic AND personalized understanding of Diabetes that I never had before. I’ve always been someone who works out and eats healthy, but Lauren took that to a whole new level. I gained strength, confidence, and a repertoire of easy, healthy recipes that fit with my lifestyle. The efforts were finally working.

With Lauren, I gained control- lowering my A1C from 8.0 to a 6.7, and then ultimately a 6.0 in about 6 months. But it was not just control of my diabetes that I gained. With Lauren’s guidance, I gained physical and mental strength. I gained confidence. I gained empathy and kindness towards myself, and tools I can use in order to manage my anxiety and negative self-talk. It sounds so corny, but Lauren literally changed my life. If you are even considering signing up with Lauren, do it, you won’t regret it. Lauren, I can’t thank you enough!!

Emma Plehal

In the time that we worked together, Lauren was more than a coach. She was an accountability partner, a cheerleader in successes, a sounding board for frustration, and a shining example of what a beautiful life as a Type I diabetic can look like. Her sessions don’t come with a set program or plan, instead, Lauren helps you understand what patterns are taking place in your life and how they are affecting your diabetes and your overall health.

This process was a series of many small, manageable steps that added up to very big change! I’ve been Type 1 for almost 30 years, and working with Lauren turned out to be a long-overdue reboot for my health. My a1c dropped 1.5 points in 3 months- from a 8.5 to a 7.2- and I have a stronger sense of how to manage my diabetes and my general wellness, no matter what curve-balls life throws my way.

Eagan, MN

Rebeka Racz

I participated in Lauren’s 3 month program and it truly helped me take control of my diabetes and my life. First, Lauren is a friendly, warm and welcoming person. From our first appointment, I knew I could talk to her about any problem. Second, Lauren was always accommodating with working with my busy schedule and always answered emails promptly.

In the 3 months that Lauren and I worked together, I not only lowered my basal insulin amount by 6 units but also discovered new workout techniques and dove into the world of meditation which has been helping with self control and anxiety. Furthermore, my blood sugars have never been more stable thanks to Lauren’s Diabetic Health Journal which makes food and insulin logging fun, easy and creative.

Lauren also introduced me to the idea that a healthy life is not about elimination but knowing how to eat the right foods and when to eat them. She made realize that carbs are “okay”!! This was a whole new idea to me. I used to be afraid of carbs due to my huge sweet tooth but with Lauren’s techniques, I am able to feel comfortable with them and I learned better self control.
With Lauren’s guidance and care, I feel more confident, strong and also with more willpower to keep going instead of always giving up. Weight loss and control doesn’t happen overnight and I’m realizing that more and more but Lauren helped me understand that and also provided me with the techniques to keep going.

New York, NY

Alyssa Cashman

Having type one diabetes for 17 years is tiring. Each day is a rollercoaster with ups and downs and only for a few seconds do you feel like you’re in control. However, it wasn’t until I met Lauren that I realized I could genuinely feel in control more often than not.

After attending a JDRF Young Leadership Committee meeting and hearing Lauren speak, I knew immediately that I needed to start working with her and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I made the decision to do so.

In the seventeen years I’ve had type one diabetes my A1C hadn’t been below 7. This had always been something that I’d strive for but never actually put in the work to do. I felt like it wasn’t possible and that it was normal to go through those ups and downs without ever being in true control of my numbers. After working with Lauren, this all changed – and for the better.

Lauren gave me better insight into foods that would help stabilize my blood sugar without feeling limited or going on a diet. Substituting these foods helped me feel in control and led me to feeling more positive about my numbers. 

New York, NY

After seeing that I could eat breakfast without my blood sugar creeping up but rather staying in a straight line, I felt motivated to continue making changes to my lifestyle in order to bring down my A1C. Lauren also helped me prepare for workouts without my blood sugar always having to go low while on the spin bike and look for patterns in my blood sugars on a daily basis. I soon realized that I didn’t need to wait every three months until I saw my doctor to make changes that lasted a few days, but rather take control myself and make these changes for the better.

After working with Lauren, my A1C went from a 7.4 to a 6.6!!!!!! I have never felt more confident and positive about my diabetes than I do now thanks to Lauren who was my biggest cheerleader the entire way!!

In addition to bringing my A1C down, Lauren helped me focus on my health holistically. With someone who struggles with anxiety, she encouraged me to welcome meditation into my life. Although at first it was a bit uncomfortable, something I wasn’t used to taking the time to pause and sit with my thoughts, I now embrace meditation and have built the practice into my weekly schedule. Carving out time to work out and meditate has made me feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally – something Lauren truly encouraged me to do.

I cannot thank Lauren enough for helping me not only reach my goals but surpass them and alter my lifestyle to be the best ME I can be!!!!! Thank you Lauren!!!!!!

Shivani Mandavilli

I started seeing Lauren when I had a 12.5 A1c and my main goal was to bring it down to a healthier level. Through Lauren’s sessions, I ended up accomplishing that goal (bringing it down to a 8.1 in just a few months and then a 7.4 three months after that) along with so many others.

I have always been private about my Type 1 diabetes, and although I still am, Lauren helped me become so much more confident about confiding in others and becoming a little bit more vulnerable while also remaining strong and independent. Lauren was able to share her own personal experiences and it was so helpful to know that someone so confident once shared the same worries as me.

Lauren not only helped me mentally, but also physically. I came to Lauren with a diet and workout regimen I wanted to work on. Lauren made suggestions and alterations to my diet to curb my reliance on sugar. She also gave me a workout schedule to follow throughout the week. My favorite aspect of Lauren’s coaching was her need for accountability. She would ask me to text her when I was at the gym, or write down my meals to keep track of my sugar intake. I could text her a picture of my meal at a restaurant and she would help me figure out how many carbs I should bolus for.
I would recommend Lauren to anyone who needs support in their personal Type 1 journey. Having a support system doesn’t make someone any less independent or capable. It only helps in overcoming obstacles that we sometimes struggle to face alone. 

New York, NY

Tim Brechbuehler

Working with Lauren was one of the best investments I could have made for my health, happiness, and overall wellness. As a Type 1 diabetic I have struggled with blood sugar control, motivation, mood swings, self-sabotage, anxiety, and much more. Lauren’s approach is extremely refreshing because she believes in a well-balanced life, unlike many nutritionists I have spoken to in the past. She was more than a coach, she was also a friend and supported me the entire way. During my 3 month program I was able to lower my A1C from 8.1 to 6.9, I dramatically lowered my constant anxiety, finally started working out again, and started developing more self-discipline. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who expects more from themselves but needs a little help to get started, thanks Lauren!!!!

Former MLB Player

Tracey McCarter

I hired Lauren to work with my 13 year old daughter, Charli, who was experiencing difficulty in managing blood sugars due to rapid growth, hormones and the onset of t1d burnout.

Charlize’s a1c had steadily risen over a year and a half to 11.7! Even though Charli has strong support from her family and endocrinology team, she most positively responded to Laurens’ advice and assistance because Lauren was able to come from experience and personal understanding of what it is like to be a t1d teen! Lauren got Charli to understand the danger of her situation and to care about taking control and responsibility in managing her t1d to not only be healthier, but to feel better overall each and every day. Lauren worked with Charli to find realistic solutions and tools to help her better manage her blood sugar at school, when out with friends and on vacations with the family. Within a few months Charli’s a1c dropped to 6.9, and continues to range between 6.9-7.9, all while still managing those teenage hormones and growth!

Teen years are tough on the mother-daughter relationship, and adding the extra frustration of t1d further strains this dynamic! I am so grateful to Lauren for her positive “big sister” mentorship. My biggest tool is now “what would Lauren want you to do?” and letting that guide Charli to the right choice. 

Scottsdale, AZ

Heidi Godfrey

I always had a dismissive attitude through living with diabetes for 22 years. I thought, ‘perhaps if i ignore it, i don’t really have it’. I was desperate to be normal and I went through my teens and early 20’s with high A1C’s and made excuses why I couldn’t pay attention to it. Every time I had a very high A1C result, the doctors would say, ‘you need to start paying close attention to your numbers’, and I would say ‘okay, can you help me?’. We’d talk for a few minutes but ultimately I’d get the “see you in 3-6 months”.

I eventually knew that I had to get on the straight and narrow path but I knew I needed help from someone who cared and understood what I was going through. That’s when I found Lauren, my personal knightress in shining armor. I worked with Lauren for 12 months and by the end my A1C was the lowest it’s ever been in the past 20 years.

Lauren has taught me so much, and many tiny things that have made a huge difference that no one has ever told me. How this basic information has been left out from my medical caregivers, I don’t know. I finally feel like I have the drive and the tools to go about my life, taking control of my diabetes and feeling better. From the bottom of my heart, Lauren, thank you, for everything.”

London, UK

Dorothee Ganzinger

I am so happy and thankful that I made the decision to work with Lauren. Through all my years as a diabetic, I have never experienced so much understanding of why my blood sugars were doing what they were. I started with a 7.3 A1C and within 3 months it was down to a 6.5.

 I wake up with great numbers, have less highs and lows, and I’m less stressed which helps me make better food decisions. I reached all my goals I set with Lauren and even lost the weight I’d been trying to lose. Overall I feel less pressure and stress in my life and have much more self confidence as a healthy and strong diabetic!


Sophia Loyzaga

Having Lauren as my diabetic health coach is definitely the best decision I could have made after my diagnosis. The first time I talked to her my A1C was 7.8 and 6 months later after signing up for her program it went down to a 6.5.

I used to feel guilty about eating and gaining weight and was scared of carbs and insulin. It wasn’t my best moment. I’m a person that loves to socialize and be in restaurants with friends and family so overall I just wasn’t happy. I think one of the most incredible parts of this program is that Lauren doesn’t just look at diabetes. She deals with all the aspects in your life to help you find balance and as a result your diabetes is positively impacted.

This program made me a much more healthier person, starting with exercise that I learned to love like cycling and yoga. I started to be mindful of what I ate without the guilt and enjoyed some not so healthy food in occasions but controlled my numbers when I did. I also learned that it is very important to educate yourself about diabetes so I read some books Lauren recommended without obsessing with them.

The best of all is that I started getting close to my true self, reading books/saying afirmations that gave me tranquility and peace of mind. The program taught me to be grateful of what I have and what I can achieve. At the end what I learned the most is that diabetes doesnt define me, It is just a part of me now, not controlling my life anymore. Im forever thankful for Lauren and would truly recommend her coaching to anyone struggling with the way they manage their diabetes.


Peter Friedfeld

I was diagnosed as T1D in August 2016, after being misdiagnosed as TD2 for two years. Actually, some might say LADA, others Type 1.5. Bottom line, I was told I would need to take daily insulin injections, finger pricks, be careful when I drive, exercise, sleep, eat, work–you name it, life was going to be ‘different’.

Part of my early journey was to find a way to stay positive, stay focused, and take control of TD1 rather than the other way around. I knew that exercise would be a key to my success. I was first introduced to Lauren after reading a blog post she wrote on Beyond Type 1 detailing the best ways to incorporate and manage exercise as a TD1. I also loved that Lauren was a Yogi-as I had incorporated Yoga into my life when I was first diagnosed.

I called Lauren and she explained how we could work together–and it was just what I was looking for–a personal TD1 coach focused on my heath, my education, my support –teaching me how to take control, rather than being controlled by this disease. I signed up for a 3-month package and ‘met’ with Lauren (thru FaceTime) every two weeks. 

Hamptons, NY

The first session was focused on me–with my sharing of my TD1 experience, and Lauren probing me about setting new goals for myself. It took some conversation–but we established new A1C targets (under 6. 0), new fitness goals (resistance, cardio, Yoga,) travel goals and new lifestyle goals.

Working with Lauren was a great experience. At each session we reviewed my goals, and focused on my what I needed to understand better; from accurate carb counting to issues with taking my insulin. We experimented, logged, implemented and discussed everything we were trying. Lauren encouraged me to try new things–and I found new ways to achieve better BG control. Lauren excelled at analyzing my numbers and activities– and helped me understand the meaning behind the numbers. Each session ended with a ‘homework assignment’ which we reviewed together two weeks later. Her years of managing her own TD1, her education, her athleticism and persistence making for a great combination as my TD1 coach.

Most important for me was knowing I was working with someone who had my back. When I had a problem that came up unexpectedly–which of course happens–she would help me figure things out. Over three months, I found myself researching more on my own, having a better understanding of how things were working, and analyzing my own results. Together–we achieved all the goals that I established including my success in reducing my A1C to 5.9, maintaining a consistent fitness program, and feeling more confident and in control of my life. To sum it up, Lauren is professional who is dedicated to helping others achieve their goals. She is a positive, energetic and inspirational person and brings all to every session. Her knowledge, her athleticism and attitude all combine to make her a perfect coach. She understands first hand what it means to be TD1, and as many in the TD1 community is anxious to share her experiences and education to support others.”

Tim Fox

Diagnosed a type 1 at the age of 36 was tough. My father was a type 1 and I was well aware of the dangers. Frustrated, tired, and most recently receiving an 8.0 A1C and now 40 years old, I knew I needed to make a change. I reached out to Lauren via her website and heard back from her quickly. We set a date and had our first call. Finally someone (Lauren is a type 1 herself) who could relate to everything I was going through and help at the same time. On our first call we set my goals and I immediately started with the assignments she gave me. I knew I made the right call. Just by listening to her, and her desire to help, I knew we were in this together. Over the course of 3 months she helped me identify patterns in my blood sugars, and took notice of how certain foods affected my blood sugars. Healthy meal plans were established as well as exercise goals. I now see things differently and I can identify patterns myself, and make changes on the fly. I have a better understanding of my disease and I am more comfortable with it. Lauren always replied to my emails in between calls and always gave me encouragement to go after my goals. So after 3 months my A1C went down to 7.3 and my lipid Panels all improved!

New York, NY

Molly Hornbeck

As someone who was living with type one for 15 years, I thought I had it pretty much figured out. Little did I know though, Lauren would become one of the most valuable resources and ultimately, friend, I ever came across in making huge changes in my life.

Not only did Lauren help me to reach my goal of lowering my A1C from a 7.1 to a 6.5, I increased my insulin sensitivity(carb ratio went from 1:13 to 1:18), lost 8 pounds, started work outs that actually got me results, felt less stressed out around food choices, was eating more carbs and using less insulin, and she helped me to conquer my underlying anxiety issues as well. Lauren’s helped me see and understand my diabetes more clearly than I ever had before and decrease my emotional attachment to the numbers. I understand now how to more strategically adjust my pump settings and I’ve seen a huge difference just in that alone!

Lauren has also been a bit of a life coach and encouraged me to pursue my passions head first. She was a leading force in helping me make some of the biggest and most important decisions in my personal life, and helped me transition from my old job to now owning my own business. Lauren has helped me better understand my mind-body connection and I’ve been able to transform tremendously since we’ve begun working together! It’s been over a year working with Lauren and I’m grateful for every bit!”

Middlebury, Vermont

Trista Johnson

I’ve spent a lot of time and money on various health and wellness products, coaches, and programs, so I was hesitant at first to invest in a coaching package with Lauren; however, something about her energy during our 15 minute consultation really spoke to me, and I am so glad I decided to go for it!

It was incredible to connect with someone who understood and could relate to the challenges of being a Type 1 diabetic, but our work ended up going so far beyond blood sugars and carb counting. During our three months of working together, Lauren helped me reframe some of my deepest fears that have been holding me back. She supported me as I started to question my oldest beliefs and pushed me to see my life in a new light. Lauren got to know ME and my personal struggles and, therefore, was able to customize her coaching to exactly what I needed to start making shifts in my wellness journey as well as my life. As much as I miss talking to Lauren every other week, I am grateful that she prepared me with the tools to be my own coach as I move forward and continue to navigate the highs and lows of Type 1 diabetes and life.

Bomoseen, VT

Jude Dyson

It’s hard to sum up the massive impact that Lauren has had on my life, diabetes is such a 24/7 condition that even a small improvement can have a huge effect on day to day life! When I first got in touch with Lauren I was in a pretty desperate place, I had been living with type 1 for 13 years but had completely ignored it for most of that time. When I finally decided it was time to take control and get healthy I found myself in a mess, a terrible a1c, rollercoaster blood sugar readings and whatever I tried (and I really was trying!) to fix it just didn’t seem to work. Lauren was fantastic though, completely open and never judgmental about my management in the past. She showed me how far I had already come and really motivated me by setting achievable goals for the future. When we first spoke I set a goal of getting my a1c under 8.0% from a 8.7% and honestly just didn’t think it was possible, but after just a few months it was 7.3% and I’ve honestly never been prouder!

Lauren works in a number of ways, making both physical and mental changes. She helped me set goals and checking in with her every 2 weeks was a brilliant way of not only keeping me focused but also showing me how well I had done. 

Scotland, UK

It wasn’t all easy but Lauren has an infectious positivity and each time we chatted she provided the perspective I needed to relax (a little!), reset my mind keep moving forward, she is an incredibly motivating person and managed to help me motivate myself.

Physically I have improved my insulin sensitivity (1:10 to 1:15 insulin to carb ratios and background cut from 20 units twice daily to now 12 at night and 14 in the morning) reduced my A1c and evened out my highs and lows, I’ve gone from having regular blood sugars over 20mmoll/ 360 fairly regularly to now being really alarmed to see anything over 14mmol/250. But for me the greater change has been with my mindset, when Lauren and I first spoke I felt I had no control over my diabetes but I knew I didn’t want to let it rule me. I’ve always been sporty and had a fun social life filled with eating out with friends, parties and other potential ‘challenges’ for managing blood sugar, instead of limiting any of this Lauren has shown me how to keep doing all these things but to recognise and manage the effects. I have finally learned to let go of the numbers I can’t change and learn from the ones I can, that’s the biggest change for me, diabetes is finally not the biggest stress in my life – I’ve gone from totally ignoring it to 24/7 stressing about it and I’ve finally found a happy medium.

I have a check up at my doctor next week (including an A1c test) and for the first time ever I’m excited to see my progress instead of being scared to go and I have Lauren to thank!

Jaclyn Mitchell

“When I think about Lauren and what she helped me accomplish, the first word that comes to mind is“Inspirational”. I first found Lauren on Instagram and I thought to myself, “who is this girl?” and “how do I become friends with her?”. Like anyone who wants to be friends I started out the search on Facebook to discover she had a website and I did exactly what you are doing now, I read the testimonials.

Not only is Lauren inspiring in all of her social media info and posts; she herself is a Type One Diabetic. She’s not a doctor or nurse who has never lived a day in the life as a real diabetic. She knows the struggle. And, she is living proof that you can do exactly what you set your mind out to do.

Lauren helped me create goals, assigned me homework in between sessions, and over our 6 month time together we nailed each and every goal I wrote down on session 1. Before starting with Lauren my A1C was 7.7and this was just by chance and a lot of lows that brought my average down. After all the tools, nutrition tips, and bi-monthly check ins to keep me on track and hold me accountable, by the end of our sessions together was my A1C was a 6.1. I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” so if you are reading this it’s for a reason. Go ahead and connect with Lauren- you WON’T regret taking the time for you and your diabetes management.


Jen Xanders

I had the joy to work with Lauren from November 2016 to February 2017 and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I will be forever grateful to my husband who encouraged me to do this, saying all you have is your health.

In my 20’s I realized I was displaying symptoms related to insulin resistance although I had an active and healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight. At that time, it became my goal to learn and create a lifestyle that could reverse, or at least manage symptoms. Health was my focus and determination and discipline very much in tow. Most data, including my doctor, said limit carbohydrates. I started to do that and initially symptoms improved. But overtime, I could tell my IR was worsening despite consistent and clear daily efforts and focus. So I further limited carbs and continued to increase exercise, which initially worked and then stopped once again. It was a cycle I didn’t see happening that spanned decades and was becoming exhausting, time consuming and unsustainable. 

 Indianapolis, Indiana

The year before I came to Lauren, I had removed so much from my daily diet (in a clear effort to be healthy) that eating was a chore and I keep increasing exercising thinking it would be the solution- with no positive results. Actually, my body was done with me. It had checked out. Despite being very active and strong, my body fat was getting even higher and A1c was rising (even with medicine on board).

I hesitantly enlisted a coach in Lauren. Her path, experience and knowledge seemed like a good fit and we were off. I am so grateful that Lauren quickly saw to the root of the problem and helped me, as someone who knew a lot about food and macros and carbs and insulin, to reframe my thinking and efforts. I am forever grateful for her strong and loving guidance, because I was not an easy sell. It is very scary to let go of ideas you have held to be true for a very long time and embrace things that seem counter to your entire foundation. But the rewards have far exceeded my expectations. Deepest thanks, sweet Lauren!

My results have been far beyond anything I could have expected, especially in such a short time. Prior to working with her, I felt like for 2 decades I have been at battle with my body and trying to break it into submission, to doing what I wanted it to. Ugh! How did I not see it? But since working with her, I have a much more balanced diet, love eating again, and my body has responded in amazing ways. In 3 months, I am off all medicine to improve insulin sensitivity, my A1c has dropped half a point (back to normal ranges), my post prandials have come into a normal range, my lipids dropped more than 60 pts (and they were only borderline high), I dropped 4% body fat and 4 pounds. In less than 3 months, and over the holidays to boot!! This is amazing considering I am eating 2x as much and exercising less. As the months on my own continue to pass, my results continue to unfurl. I am amazed daily by seeing my strong and happy self emerge. I feel like sometimes you need outside eyes to help you see what you are too close to seeing, and Lauren was the perfect person for me. I cannot say thank you enough to her, for what she has giving me.
“sometimes the answer we most seek lies amidst our clenched fist…”

Megan N.

"Lauren is absolutely fabulous!!! I have been following Lauren’s story for a long time now and I contacted her to work through some of my battles with stress, over-training, over-eating, over-drinking, etc. Unlike working with a counselor, Lauren’s holistic approach to coaching was EXACTLY what I needed! Her program helped me realize so many things about different areas of my life that needed adjustments. I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE after working with Lauren! Not only is her program fantastic, Lauren is such an authentically wonderful person and health coach! She is a true inspiration and I highly recommend working with her!!!”

Chanel Belliveau

I came to Lauren when my diabetes was spinning out of control and I felt lost. She guided me back on the right path by teaching me how to control my diabetes with everyday changes. Since working with Lauren I have successfully lowered my A1C from 10.7 to 8.4 in the 3 months we worked together! I transitioned onto an insulin pump and brought my sugar down from 16+ to 5.0-8.0 daily. I am much happier and healthier thanks to Lauren! 


Matty Zaretsky

Since working with Lauren, I’ve been on track in achieving my fitness and wellness goals. Lauren has given me techniques that have become habit in aligning myself with more positivity despite the many stresses that come with living as a type one diabetic. Thank you Lauren for allowing me to become all I wish to be physically and mentally.

New York, NY

Brenda Williams

Lauren, I just want you to know how much I’ve appreciated you these last six months. I first contacted you because you were the first diabetic coach I had ever heard of. I’ve encountered health, weight loss and behavioral coaches, but, never someone who could talk to me, an out of control type 2 diabetic.

To date, my A1C has come down from 8.9 to 6.5 and I’ve lost over 30 pounds.

During our time together you have supported and encouraged me when I couldn’t do it myself and for that I’m very thankful.

You’ve offered me insight as to how to implement changes I already knew I had to do, in addition to guiding me with information relating to diabetes I was unfamiliar with. You were a wealth of information in regards to tweeking my nutrition and assisting me in realizing what would work for me and what won’t at this juncture of my life.

I appreciate how you always encouraged me to keep challenging myself in all areas of my life, especially with exercise.

All in all Lauren, I feel that I’ve acquired a lifetime friend and working with you was the best decision I could have made for myself.”

Atlanta, Georgia
Type 2 Diabetic

Amie McCracken

Having spent years (and I mean years) hitting wall after wall and feeling so alone in my struggle with diabetes control, I didn’t think anything would actually make my diabetes work with me instead of against me. But Lauren helped me realize the things that were holding me back, helped me change my mindset, helped me take charge. Now I know that even on the tough days I can get back on track. I went from having 4-5 out of range numbers a day to now only 1-2 per week. My A1C is down from 7.1 to 6.5 and am no longer shooting up to 400 for over treating low blood sugars. Thank you for being my sounding board, Lauren, and for giving me my confidence back. The other aspects of my life have improved greatly because my health is up to par again.

Detroit, Michigan

Alyse DeSimone

Before starting my journey with Lauren I was ‘managing’ my diabetes but I knew I could be living a healthier and happier life. I never neglected my diabetes but it was a constant rollercoaster of highs and lows and I just knew I had to finally get this under control. I had developed some bad habits in the 15 years of having diabetes that I just couldn’t break out of it. I would see my endocrinologist every 3 months and he would adjust my basals and ratios, but visits were so few and far between, and I didn’t feel like he really understood me and my issues. I needed guidance and I had the numbers to prove it.. I had an A1C of almost 9.0! I tried going to a nutritionist that my endo recommended, but I didn’t find it to be beneficial. She went over the standard topics, carb counting, snacks, nutritional panels…almost insulting since I was not newly diagnosed, like ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Frustrated and feeling like I was running out of options I began researching diabetes and nutrition myself. I thought, “How can I find a well rounded diet and exercise plan that works with my diabetes?” I didn’t want to find the next diet fad, I wanted to make lifestyle changes to better myself all together, I knew that with these changes good numbers would follow. I just didn’t know where to begin and how to get there.

Lakewood, NJ

Thankfully I stumbled on a blog post about Lauren, the diabetic, yoga-crazed, nutrition guru, health coach, extraordinaire! As soon as I visited her website I knew she was the person that I wanted to work with. I found out that she conducts the sessions via skype and I filled out a contact form right away. She reached out to me right away and we scheduled my consultation – I was so excited to work with her. After our first session I was already seeing changes in my blood sugar numbers. Lauren doesn’t just look at numbers, she looks at the big picture and really hones in on the issues. She taught me so much about diabetes and myself in a way that is easy to understand, manageable, and totally doable. She sets small goals “homework” after each session, and she is always available between sessions for any questions big or small. I looked forward to our skype sessions every 2 weeks, she always greeted me with a big smile and positivity!

I went into this experience with a simple goal of getting my A1C down to 7-8 to start. I figured I would learn more about nutrition and some exercise. Lauren exceeded my expectations, she goes above and beyond. Now I am happy to say that I feel the BEST I have ever felt in my life, all around – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I learned so much about myself and how I can manage everything that life throws at me without sacrificing my health. My A1C went from almost 9.0 to about a 7.0 now. Lauren taught me how to set goals for myself and stick to them. I came out of this exceeding every goal we set in the beginning, a plan to continue my journey with everything she taught me, and really a friend who finally understands.

Thank you a million Lauren, my “diabetic soul sister.” I hope you know you are great at what you do and you are helping so many people like me.

Lacey Weisbaum

My 3-year old son, Ethan, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 20 months old in 2015. Our first endocrinologist provided no nutritional counseling, had low expectations for a toddler A1C and struggled to manage his insulin needs coming out of honeymoon. Enter: Lauren Bongiorno. When we started with Lauren, Ethan’s A1C was 8.3, he had just gotten on an insulin pump, and I was at my wit’s end with roller coaster blood sugars that were NEVER in range. Lauren taught us so much about not only what worked with Ethan’s body, but even more importantly WHY.

She taught us that diabetes management is bio-individual and that what works for some people does not work with others. She taught us how to keep a detailed food diary to help us identify which foods spike Ethan and how to manage his insulin on the rare occasions that we eat those foods. She helped us understand how and why exercise affects his blood sugar. She taught me how to use the data from his CGM and pump downloads to adjust his insulin-carb ratios and basal rates, and she gave me the confidence that I could do it without our endo team. She helped me manage my stress and emotions and to release my ownership over his blood sugars. She was available constantly. Most importantly, Lauren helped me set goals that were achievable yet aggressive, all the while maintaining the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being that helped out entire family feel healthier and happier. Ethan’s last A1C was 6.7, and most importantly, we achieved that A1C with fewer lows and a higher percentage in range than ever before. We don’t feel deprived or like we are missing out on anything because of diabetes, and we owe all of that to Lauren. She continues to be an integral part of our diabetes team!

Chicago, IL

Adelyn Massey

Lauren has been so incredibly helpful the past three months that I am excited to continue working with her for another three! Even after having diabetes for over 12 years, there were (and still are) so many things I didn’t know. Lauren is full of tips and tricks that all diabetics should know and she is always there to help me outside of our sessions. This was a big difference for me, as my normal doctor visits are much more brief. Meeting with Lauren on a regular basis has helped hold me accountable for the changes I need to make for tighter blood sugar control and having consistent support makes it so much easier. She has helped me recognize patterns in my blood sugars based on different foods and exercise. With her help over the past 3 months, my A1C dropped from 8.1 to 7.5 and I’m confident it will keep improving! In addition to helping me with blood sugar control, she also helped me come up with an exercise routine and easy recipes that have made it much easier to cook at home. All in all, Lauren has been so uplifting and a fun to work with! I couldn’t recommend her enough!

Raleigh, NC

Danielle Evangelista

I started working with Lauren a few months after I found out I was pre diabetic and was having trouble losing weight and changing my diet on my own. While working with Lauren I not only got my A1C down but I also saw improvements in my personal development. At a point when my relationships and happiness were at their lowest, she showed me that eating healthy and getting on a schedule effected more than just my weight. I am the happiest I have been in months, more social and outgoing and but mostly I am out of the “danger zone” of being pre diabetic. Each session over the 3 months that I worked with Lauren was like a therapy session, I was held accountable to the choices I was making and definitely couldn’t lie to her about when my cravings hit or when it was just a really bad day but she taught me that it’s okay to “treat yo self” every once in a while to stay sane, but just to get back into routine. I am so much more confident now and know that with the tools Lauren has given me I can get my A1C even lower. This was the best investment I have made for myself, physically and mentally.

New York, NY

Austin Backus

I found Lauren through a post on a Type 1 Diabetic page I follow on Instagram, but I don’t believe it was on accident. I was in a really bad place mentally about food and my body, confused about what I should be doing. And then adding Type 1 Diabetes into the mix just further complicated things. After my first session I knew that she was knowledgeable, thoughtful and just the right person to guide me to get on track to the best version of myself.

Sometimes I felt like she was the only person who understood the challenges of living with Type 1 Diabetes. She asked me all the right questions to process and reflect life and we worked together to figure out the best tools for me to be successful all while managing my Type 1 Diabetes.
Since working with Lauren, my A1C is down to 6.5 and I am active doing crossfit 5x a week! I am making healthier food choices, but overall I am in such a better mental state and am confident that I am making the best choices for my body while still enjoying life. I am “trusting the process” and enjoying MY personal journey of health. I can’t thank you enough Lauren!

Cincinnati, OH

Lauren Dagg

I cannot thank Lauren enough! She has helped me gain control of my blood sugars and turn my health around. I looked forward to every session we had together – she educates, motivates and inspires! She also spent so much time in between our meetings and went the extra mile to help me achieve my goals. I no longer fear certain foods and bread is no longer the devil! Her suggestions and support have helped me lower my A1C from 9.3 to 7.3 in 12 short weeks! Thank you Lauren – you are the best!! 

New Castle, England

Richard Rubenstein

You have changed my life. Your wisdom, thoughtfulness, and caring about people has really touched me. When my blood sugar was high all the doctors I went to scared me. You educated me and took time out of your busy schedule to get me on the right track. Well, my weight is 153 from 205 and my blood sugar is down to 86. You are an angel sent from the sugar Gods! I also know you help many other people. You are my new doctor: Doctor Compassion! I’m glad I met somebody as sweet as sugar, but still keeps my blood levels low. Thank you for your commitment – after meeting you I knew I would not fail!

New York, NY

Peter Rossetti

In working with Lauren over 6 months, she helped me break down how I communicate to myself and the people around me. The most impactful element that has been most tangible after our work is that, I now have guiding principles and needs determined for the pursuit of my future goals. Lauren’s spirit, drive, and strategies offer high value inspiration and takeaways for each progressing week. I’ve been able to gain massive clarity over my goals and have the energy I needed, and was longing for when we first started.”

New York, NY

Susanna Miller

After just a few sessions, Lauren has been instrumental in helping us understand the effects that different foods and certain ingredients have on our daughter’s blood sugar levels. She has also helped guide us to necessary insulin changes and given us more confidence to make adjustments on our own. Plus, we love that she is so accessible and such a knowledgeable resource. Thank you, Lauren!!”

Dallas, TX

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