I help you take control of your diabetes through personalized virtual coaching

Become Strong & Empowered

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Feeling weighed down is exhausting. Don't be held back, you were created for more.

You have too much potential to be a victim to diabetes

I don't just care about helping you lower your A1C, I care about you becoming the best version of you.

My coaching has helped hundreds of people just like you do the following:

Lower A1C

Lose weight

improve your relationship with food

establish routine around food & exercise

lower anxiety & stress

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Decide + Conquer Coaching Programs

15 minute complimentary consultation included

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Type 1 diabetes Program

For T1D’s with A1C’s over 6.5. Let’s prioritize your T1D management and empower you to create healthier habits so you can feel more freedom in your every day life

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Under 18 Family Program

This program is designed for families with a T1D child/teen under 18. A central part of the program is giving you tools for e a “normal childhood” without needing to sacrifice a healthy A1C.

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Newly diagnosed program

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Pregnancy Program

program pricing starting at $1950

If you were diagnosed within the last 3 years, let me help you get your normal life back and feel confident navigating this diagnosis. With almost 20 years of living with Type 1 and years of coaching others, I will give you the tools you need to take control.

For mamas getting ready for and going through a type 1 pregnancy, think of me as your diabetes doula supporting you through healthy habits, routines, and a safe A1C for you and your baby.

How it works

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decide on a plan

conquer, become strong & empowered

Molly Hornbeck, T1D Program grad

"Not only did Lauren help me to reach my goal of lowering my A1C from 7.1 to 6.5, I increased my insulin sensitivity (carb ratio went from 1:13 to 1:18), lost 8 pounds, started work outs that actually got me results, felt less stressed out around food choices, was eating more carbs and using less insulin, and she helped me to conquer my underlying anxiety issues as well." 

Miriam Brand, T1D Program grad

"I think the most magical part of the coaching relationship with Lauren is that she doesn’t “fix” or “change” you. Rather, she helped me to realize my potential and to trust myself more. And I am eternally grateful."

Emily Johnson, T1D Program grad

"With Lauren, I gained control - lowering my A1C from 8.0 to 6.0. But it was not just control of my diabetes that I gained. With Lauren’s guidance, I gained physical and mental strength. I gained confidence. I gained empathy and kindness towards myself, and tools I can use in order to manage my anxiety and negative self-talk. It sounds so corny, but Lauren literally changed my life."

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     I don’t just care about helping you lower your A1C, I care about you becoming the best version of you.

    let’s get you in control of your diabetes through personalized virtual coaching